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General Infomation Of Methyltrienolone

Metribolone, also known as methyltrienolone, is a synthetic and orally active anabolic–androgenic steroid and a 17α-alkylated nandrolone derivative which was never marketed for medical use but has …
Molar mass: 284.393 g/mol
Formula: C19H24O2
Drug class: Androgen; Anabolic steroid; Progestogen
Route: Oral administration
ChEBI ID: 379896
ChEMBL ID: 166444


Methyltrienolone (aka R1881 and Metribolone) is a potent, non-aromatizable androgen that is structurally similar to trenbolone and has been referred to as “oral tren.” It binds strongly to the androgen receptor (AR) and is a more potent agonist (activator) of the androgen receptor than is DHT. 17a-methyltrienolone is listed at 30,000 times more anabolic than methyltestosterone according to Julius Vida in “Androgens and Anabolic Agents: Chemistry and Pharmacology.” Effective dosages begin at only 25mcg.



Tests Analysis Standard Results
Identification Conform Conform
Absorbance ≤0.30% Conform
Specific Rotation +39°~ +43° +39.5°
Chromatography Purity Conform Conform
17α-Isomer ≤0.50% 0.40%
Organic Volatile Impurities Conform Conform
Loss On Drying ≤0.50% 0.32%
Residue On Ignition ≤0.10% 0.01%
Assay 97~101% 99.02%
Conclusion Be Conform With USP31 Standard

How to know  Methyltrienolone well?

Methyltrienolone is a steroid compound that is mostly unavailable out there black or otherwise. The reason for its obscurity is because it’s very highly toxic on the liver that even doses of as few as 2 mgs a week have caused jaundice of the liver. Besides its toxicity to the liver, it will also cause sexual dysfunction and can cause other compounds it can be stacked with to exaggerate the consequences of estrogen in the body. Although this compound is obviously dangerous and not recommended for use by anyone values their health, it can be worth noting that its muscle-building and fat-burning properties are stored on par with the highest-rated steroids currently available.

Methyltrienolone Dosage :

For bigenners you should be kept very low, to around 500-750mcgs/day not much longer than 3-4 weeks .

For advanced users at up to 1 to 1.5mg/day, also not longer than 3-4 weeks.

There are claims that a 500-750mcg dose is relatively safe, and roughly as effective as 150-225mgs of Trenbolone Acetate.

Cook Recipes:

(1) 1gram Methyltrienolone 100ML @ 10mg/ml
97ml Ethyl Oleate
2ml Benzyl Alcohol

(2) 2gram Methyltrienolone 100ML @ 20mg/ml
3ml Benzyl Alcohol
95ml Grape seed oil

Metribolones Side Effects

Side effects can include increased body hair growth, acne, oily skin, testosteroes suppression, male pattern hair loss, increased liver toxicity, decreased libido and erectile dysfunction, gynomastia (progesterone), and negatively affect lipid and cholesterol levels (which can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease).  Users should have their liver monitored by a doctor regularly to avoid damaging it.  Liver detoxifiers are recommended if using Metriboloes.  However, many of these side effects can be alleviated with the proper supplements.  Dosages beyond those recommended can result in jaundice.  Women, who are not advised to take Metribolonse, are at risk for masculinization, such as a change in skin texture, deepening in their voice, body and facial hair growth, menstrual irregularities, and clitoris enlargement.  If such symptoms occur, users should stop taking Metribolones immediately as the changes could become permanent.

Due to its toxicity, it is largely restricted to research use in laboratories.  It has never been officially released to the public in North America or anywhere else.  Despite this some may find Metriboles through underground labs on the black market.  Users are warned that these labs have no health codes.

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