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Anastrozole is an aromatase inhibitor, which works to decrease the overall levels of estrogen in a woman’s body. In women who have gone through menopause, estrogen is mainly produced by converting androgens (sex hormones produced by the adrenal glands) into estrogens. An enzyme called aromatase is responsible for this conversion. Aromatase inhibitors block this conversion, leading to less estrogen in the body. While estrogen may not actually cause breast cancer, it is a necessary hormone for the cancer cells to grow in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancers. With estrogen blocked, the cancer cells that feed off estrogen may not be able to survive.

How to Take Anastrozole

Dosing and Administration of Anastrozole

(Arimidex )

Medically, Arimidex (Anastrozole) is utilized as a medication in the treatment of post-menopausal female breast cancer where Estrogen has been determined to be the prime cause. The prescription dosing and administration of Arimidex in these cases call for 1mg taken once per day, until the progression of the cancer has stopped.

Where do I get   Anastrozole ?

Arimidex is perhaps the most popular anti-estrogen and aromatase inhibitor among the three (Arimidex, Letrozole, and Aromasin), and as such, it is a very popular ancillary compound for use among bodybuilders and athletes using anabolic steroids. It then goes without saying that this is a product that should be easy to find and buy, and should be in the inventory of almost any anabolic steroid source, website, or dealer. One point to take into consideration is that this product is not a cheap one. It is perhaps one of the most expensive ancillary compounds available to buy. As usual, there exists three different product types of Arimidex: pharmaceutical grade, underground laboratory (UGL) grade, and research chemical grade products. Each differ in quality, pricing, and consistency for obvious reasons. provide best quality pharmaceutical grade    Anastrozole raw material

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